A menu specially created to experience and navigate Brazilian favors, aromas and stories through the palate
Brazil with its vast lands, reaching from the Amazon in the north to the Iguaçu Falls in the south, has one of the largest bio diversities in the world. Here you will and numerous species of fruits, grains and spices that offer an incredible variety of colors, textures, favors and aromas.

We created this menu for you to Explore this incredible land we call HOME.
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  • Rudá


    The god of love, who lives among the clouds. Rich in Brazilianness; fruity, woody and full of nuances. With a subtly thick alcohol content, this cocktail ends up leaving a beautiful ancestral memory.

    Vodka, amburana tiquira, açai pulp, banana jam, guarana syrup and salt air. 

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  • Amana


    The word amana comes from the language Tupi-Guarani and means “water from the sky”. This fruity, slightly citrus “water” brings us notes of pear, vanilla and a hint of sicilian lemon.

    Tiquira tiquero, pineapple juice, liqueur 43, syrup vanilla, saline solution and lemon.

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  • Semente


    Inspired on a Pernambuco samba from Bezerra da Silva.
    Magnifica Safra, Kiwi macerado, Cinnamon Syrup and Black Olive as side dish. ~ 30

  • Canto das 3 raças

    Canto das 3 raças

    Inspired by sambas - Clara Nunes
    Magnífica Safra and red fruit puree smoothie, blueberry syrup and Sicilian lemon - 32

  • Folhas Secas

    Folhas Secas

    Inspired by sambas - Nelson Cavaquinho & Guilherme de Brito
    Magnífica Safra, Johnnie Walker Black Label, vanilla syrup, passion fruit pulp and bay leaf - 30

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  • 5 shots of Cachaça Magnifica

    5 shots of Cachaça Magnifica

    Enjoy the Magnificent Experience by sampling a shot of each type of Cachaça by Magnifica, the best local cachaça - distributed in Santa Teresa!

    From the simplest to the most sophisticated, we serve the following cachaças on a tray made with pieces the barrel used in the distillation process - 83

  • Bica do Alambique

    Bica do Alambique

    Bottled immediately after distillation. The density is striking, the taste is fresh and sweet.

    • Magnifica Experience (5 shots) – 79
    • Bica do Alambique (1 shot) – 12

  • Safra do Ano

    Safra do Ano

    Its freshness reveals the true spirit of Cachaça de Alembic. Does not pass through wood.

    • Safra do Ano (1 shot) – 18
    • Magnifica Experience (5 shots) – 83

  • Tradicional IPÊ

    Tradicional IPÊ

    Rested in casks of Ipê, typical wood of Brazil. Slightly yellow, it has a pleasant aroma of tropical fruits.

    • Tradicional IPÊ (1 shot) – 20
    • Magnifica Experience (5 shots) – 83

  • Reserva Soleira

    Reserva Soleira

    Aged by the sill method, it harmoniously combines cachaça from 6 to 15 years old. Of golden color evokes aromas of caramel, honey, dried fruits and vanilla.

    • Reserva Soleira (1 shot) – 36
    • Magnifica Experience (5 shots) – 83

  • Carvalho


    Rested in Ipê and aged for 3 years in oak barrels, golden, fragrant and mild flavor, with notes of caramel and vanilla.

    • Carvalho (1 shot) – 22
    • Magnifica Experience (5 shots) – 83

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