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Our cocktail bar and restaurant, Explorer Bar, is open to the public, with outdoor seating available.

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A love for the world and all its flavors
The Explorer Bar was created by 3 foreigners who met in Rio de Janerio and fell in love with the city. Enthusiastic about the flavors they discovered on their travels – the, Explorer Bar, was born.


Savor the journey in every sip...
Our bartenders are artists and each drink they create is their work of art. Fun and flavorful, our cocktail bar has the perfect drink to satisfy your taste. Each sip is out of this world.
Explorer Bar Menu

International Cuisine

Experience the flavors of the world without leaving the city
Our goal is to take our explorers on a journey around the world through taste. Our cuisine is contemporary with an international influence using local ingredients. Each bit is a journey.
Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro


In the heart of the city...

Santa Teresa has known for its charm, bohemian feel and charming atmosphere. It's winding streets are adorn with tram tracks and elegant mansions. The Explorer Bar is housed in a 1920's turquoise Victorian mansion, a former studio and church. Beautiful gardens give way to deep sunsets and outdoor decks hide in the cool trees.