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Explorer Bar boasts a complete drink menu of original house cocktails, classic and local Brazilian cocktails, wines and beers for your perfect night out. Don't forget to visit Explorer Bar for the best Happy Hour in Rio de Janeiro!
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    Made for Bourbon Lovers!
    You buy 2 cocktails that take the Jim Beam brand destillate, make a story with the tags (@ontradebeam, @jimbeambr, @explorerbar) and get one 50ml bottle of Jim Beam Bourbon as courtesy!

    OBS: Promotion avaiable from limited stock.
    - Casablanca 
    (Jim Beam Bourbon, Orange and Lemon Juice, Stock Triple sec and Angostura)
    - Hooker´s Mule 
    (Jim Beam Bourbon, Ginger Soda and Ginger Foam)
    - KentuckTonic 
    (Jim Beam Bourbon, Ginger Syrup, Lemon Juice, Tonic Water and Angostura)
    - TLB 
    (Jim Beam Bourbon, Tamarindo, Orange and Lemon Juice, Vodka and Ginger Foam)

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  • Casablanca


    Bourbon Jim Beam, orange, lemon, Stock triple sec, vanilla syrup and angostura ~  32

    • Happy Hour
  • Hooker’s Mule

    Hooker’s Mule

    Inspired by a song by John Lee Hooker, our creation pays homage to the blues, uniting. Hooker's + Slow Ribs = Like eating a poem. Jim Beam, ginger ale and ginger foam ~  35

    • Happy Hour
    • Virgin Option
  • TLV


    Inspired by the vibrant city of Tel-Aviv. Tamarindo, lemon, orange and vodka with delicious ginger foam, a hint of nutmeg ~ 30

    • Happy Hour
    • Virgin Option
  • Cajueiro da praia

    Cajueiro da praia

    Inspired by one of the largest cashew trees in the world located in Piauí. Ideal drink for those who want something light and refreshing. Generous, citrus and fruity, this cocktail’s aftertaste accentuates the flavor of a good cachaça. Carbonated cachaca Magnifica Crystal, lemon juice, vanilla, syrup and cashew soda  ~  32

    • Happy Hour
  • Saint Giuseppe

    Saint Giuseppe

    Inspired by Giuseppe Moscatti this drink blesses us with striking flavors and aromas beyond the generosity of a saint. Vodka, passion fruit, mango, Limoncello, sicilian lemon, Angustura and Vanilla ~  32

    • Happy Hour
    • New
  • Devil in Disguise

    Devil in Disguise

    It is not as harmless as it seems. Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, orange water and hibiscus syrup  ~  32

    • Happy Hour
  • Aperol Spritz

    Aperol Spritz

    Sparkling wine, Aperol®, sparkling water and an orange slice –  36

  • London Calling

    London Calling

    A reference to the English tea ritual, this cocktail will take you to London, tipsy. Gin infusion with wild fruits tea, red fruit puree, tonic water and simple syrup  ~  33

    • Happy Hour
    • Virgin Option
  • Medo de Gostar

    Medo de Gostar

    Gin, lemongrass syrup, sparkling wine, physalis  ~  35

    • Happy Hour
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  • Semente


    Inspired on a Pernambuco samba from Bezerra da Silva.
    Magnifica Safra, Kiwi macerado, Cinnamon Syrup and Black Olive as side dish. ~ 30

  • Canto das 3 raças

    Canto das 3 raças

    Inspired by sambas - Clara Nunes
    Magnífica Safra and red fruit puree smoothie, blueberry syrup and Sicilian lemon - 32

  • Folhas Secas

    Folhas Secas

    Inspired by sambas - Nelson Cavaquinho & Guilherme de Brito
    Magnífica Safra, Johnnie Walker Black Label, vanilla syrup, passion fruit pulp and bay leaf - 30

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  • Classic G&T

    Classic G&T

    The refreshing classic gin & tonic.  35

    • Happy Hour
  • Kentucky & Tonic

    Kentucky & Tonic

    Jim Beam Bourbon, ginger syrup, lemon juice and angostura, tonic water.  38

    • Happy Hour
  • C&T


    Cynar, Orange and tonic water.  28

    • Happy Hour
  • Buffalo Soldier

    Buffalo Soldier

    Gin, allspice-rosemary-syrup, lemon juice e tonic water.  37

    • Happy Hour
  • 5 shots of Cachaça Magnifica

    5 shots of Cachaça Magnifica

    Enjoy the Magnificent Experience by sampling a shot of each type of Cachaça by Magnifica, the best local cachaça - distributed in Santa Teresa!

    From the simplest to the most sophisticated, we serve the following cachaças on a tray made with pieces the barrel used in the distillation process - 83

  • Bica do Alambique

    Bica do Alambique

    Bottled immediately after distillation. The density is striking, the taste is fresh and sweet.

    • Magnifica Experience (5 shots) – 79
    • Bica do Alambique (1 shot) – 12

  • Safra do Ano

    Safra do Ano

    Its freshness reveals the true spirit of Cachaça de Alembic. Does not pass through wood.

    • Safra do Ano (1 shot) – 10
    • Magnifica Experience (5 shots) – 79

  • Tradicional IPÊ

    Tradicional IPÊ

    Rested in casks of Ipê, typical wood of Brazil. Slightly yellow, it has a pleasant aroma of tropical fruits.

    • Tradicional IPÊ (1 shot) – 16
    • Magnifica Experience (5 shots) – 79

  • Reserva Soleira

    Reserva Soleira

    Aged by the sill method, it harmoniously combines cachaça from 6 to 15 years old. Of golden color evokes aromas of caramel, honey, dried fruits and vanilla.

    • Reserva Soleira (1 shot) – 36
    • Magnifica Experience (5 shots) – 79

  • Carvalho


    Rested in Ipê and aged for 3 years in oak barrels, golden, fragrant and mild flavor, with notes of caramel and vanilla.

    • Carvalho (1 shot) – 20
    • Magnifica Experience (5 shots) – 79

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  • Beer Selection

    Choose from our selection of long neck and artisinal beers.

  • Stella Artois

    Stella Artois

    Long Neck 330ml - 12

  • Heineken


    Long Neck 330ml - 12

  • Pandora


    ~ HOCUS POCUS 500ml ~
    A Munich Helles with excellent drinkability, its body is light, well-formed foam and presents in the aromas and flavors notes of cereals, light caramel and a citrus touch ~ 29

  • Magic Trap

    Magic Trap

    ~ HOCUS POCUS 500ml ~
    A strong Belgian golden beer that, at first, feels like a light beer, but hides the typical power of Belgium beer. With excellent drinking, it has low bitterness, amber color and fruity notes, balanced with mild sweetness and bitterness at the end ~ 29

  • Interstellar


    ~ HOCUS POCUS 500ml ~
    Interstellar is yellow in color, well-formed foam and its recipe takes twice as many hops than APA Cadabra, bringing intense fruity flavors (yellow fruits - passion fruit and mango) and bitterness present ~ 32

  • APA Cadabra

    APA Cadabra

    ~ HOCUS POCUS 500ml ~
    It presents golden color, well-formed foam and a medium body. Its aromas and flavors are fruity and citrus notes (passion fruit), resinous and aftertaste with persistent bitterness ~ 29

  • Orange Sunshine

    Orange Sunshine

    ~ HOCUS POCUS 500ml ~
    An American Blonde Ale with orange added. It presents medium body, orange in color with a cloudy appearance, foam of medium formation and fruity notes, citrus and resinous finish ~ 26

  • 1
  • Armegil, Tinto

    Armegil, Tinto

    Ruby red with violet reflections. Aromas of ripe red fruits, such as plum, and a light touch of licorice. 
    Taste evokes freshness. Ripe and present tannins, good intensity
    ~ 98
    Produtor  Lopes Morenas
    País Spain
    Região Ribeira del Guadiana
    Safra 2019
    Tipo Red Wine
    Uva Tempranillo/Garnacha
    Volume 750ml


  • African Heritage, Chenin Blanc

    African Heritage, Chenin Blanc

    Excellent chenin blanc, fresh and fruity, with a pleasant finish and mineral notes. Aromas of green apple, guava and tropical fruits.
    On the palate, acidity and minerality, crispy and elegant ~ 149
    Country South Africa
    Region W.O Coastal Region
    Vintage 2019
    Type White wine
    Grape(s) Swartland e Breedekloof
    Volume 750ml


  • La Marchesina, Trebbiano Rubicone

    La Marchesina, Trebbiano Rubicone

    Bright straw yellow white wine, very fresh and fruity. In the mouth it is a smooth, delicate wine with a refreshing acidity. ~  89
    Producer La Marchesina
    Country Itália
    Region Bologna
    Vintage 2020
    Type White
    Grape(s) 100% Trebbiano
    Volume 750ml


  • Punto Cero Rose

    Punto Cero Rose

    Rose salmon. 
    Fresh and sweet aromas, with notes of strawberry and cherry. In the mouth it is fruity and fresh. Slightly sweet finish. ~  120
    Producer Adega de Cantenhede
    Country Chile
    Region Valle Central
    Vintage 2020
    Type Rosé
    Grape(s) 100% Syrah
    Volume 750ml


  • Sparkling Rose - Familia Brito

    Sparkling Rose - Familia Brito

    Intense bright pink color, with fine perlage. Aromas of red fruits and flowers. Very gastronomic, persistent and with a long finish. ~ 139

    Alcohol Content
    ~ 12%
    Producer Familia Brito
    Country Brazil
    Region Serra Gaucha
    Vintage 2019
    Type Espumante Rose
    Grape(s) Chardonnay/Pinot Noir
    Volume 750ml

  • Chandon Brut, Bubbly

    Chandon Brut, Bubbly

    Celebrate all your achievements with friends and family with Chandon Sparkling Wine. Chandon Brut has a light, refreshing flavor, a delicate aroma, balanced acidity, a clear sensation of freshness and a finish with notes of dried and citrus fruits with a medium persistence. This sparkling wine has a 750ml bottle  ~  130

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  • Juice


    Fresh squeezed juices – 10
    Ask about availability

    Orange Pineapple with mint 
    Seriguela with Cupuaçu Lemonade
    San Giuseppe  
    • Delivery
  • Artisanal Sodas

    Artisanal Sodas

    Refreshing homemade sodas, made to order - 12

    Buffalo Soda Hibiscus
    Lemongrass Blackberry
    Ginger Ale  
    • Delivery
  • Sodas & Water

    Coca-Cola - 7
    Coca-Zero - 7
    Guaraná Antártica - 7
    Water - 6
    Water w/gas - 6

    • Delivery
  • Coffee

    Nespresso logo explorer bar menu coffee

    Espresso – 7
    American - 8
    Cappuccino – 9
    Ice Coffee – 10
    Double espresso - 14