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  • Anarriê


    Cachaça magnífica safra, sour mix, Jamaica pepper syrup and hibiscus tea

    ~R$ 34 

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  • Caldo Verde

    Caldo Verde

    Cream of potato, sausage and cabbage


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  • Canjiquinha de Frango

    Canjiquinha de Frango

    Corn grits with chicken

    ~R$ 26

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  • Caipira Chic

    Caipira Chic

    Slowly roasted thigh and drumstick, caramelized with orange jelly and finger pepper, served with creamed corn and rice with okra in bottled butter


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  • Gemüse Tartar

    Vegetable tartar, confit pumpkin, confit beetroot, seasoned avocado and mustard seed, served with sweet potato chips
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  • Terra à Vista

    Seafood risotto with a spanish touch, mushroom broth and artisanal sausage


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  • Zenite

     Bacon risotto with leek and ancho steak with herb butter


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  • Pumpkin Bliss

    Pumpkin Bliss

    Vegetable risotto finished with first class extra virgin olive oil


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  • Batidas Explorer

    Batidas Explorer

    Explorer Shakes 200 ml with Vodka , flavors: coconut, passion fruit and  peanut candy. 


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  • Amazzoni Gifts

    Amazzoni Gifts

    Gifts for explorers who want to explore Amazzonis.
    ~R$36 Any Drink with Amazzoni Gin
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