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  • Happy Hour!

    Happy Hour!

    Explorers! Come and enjoy the best cocktails in Rio de Janiero 🔭

    2 house cocktails for R$50

    NEW Happy Hour...
    One more hour of happiness!
    Tue to Fri: 18:00 > 
    14:00* - 20:00
    (Except Holidays)

    Look for Cocktails with the tag "happy hour" and have fun!

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    Negroni R$36
    Gin Yvy Terra, Campari and Red Vermouth.

    Negroni Premium R$55
    Gin Hendricks, Campari and Punt e Mes.

    Boulevardier R$42
    Jim Beam Bourbon, Campari and Red Vermouth.

    Boulevardier Premium R$75
    Gentlemen Jack Bourbon, Campari and Punt e Mes.

    Old Fashioned R$42
    Jim Beam Bourbon, Angustura, Syrup, Sparkling water, Orange Zest and Cherry.

    Old Fashioned Premium R$48
    Bulleit Bourbon, Angustura, Syrup, Sparkling water, Orange Zest and Cherry.

    Dry Martini R$38
    Gin Yvy Terra, Dry Vermouth and Green Olive.

    Penicilin R$38
    Black Label, Tahiti Lemon Juice, Honey Syrup and Macerated Ginger.

    Whiskey Sour R$32
    Jim Beam Bourbon and Sour Mix.

    Manhatan R$38
    Jim Beam Bourbon, Red Vermouth Punt e Mes, Angustura and Cherry.

    Moscow Mule R$32
    Vodka Yvy, Lemon Juice, Ginger Ale and Ginger Foam.

    New York Sour R$34
    Jim Beam Bourbon, Sour Mix and Red Wine.

    Cosmopolitan R$34
    Vodka Yvy, Lemon Juice, Cramberry Juice and Cointreau.

    Tom Collins R$32
    Gin Yvy Terra, SLemon Juice, Syrup and Sparkling water.

    Fitzgerald R$36
    Gin Yvy Terra, Lemon Juice, Syrup and Angustura.

    Mojito R$32
    Rum Bacardi Silver, Lemon Juice, Syrup, Mint leafs and Angustura.

    Carajillo R$36
    Expresso and Licor 43.

    Expresso Martini R$32
    Vodka Yvy , Licor Khálua and Expresso.

    Bloody Mary R$33
    Tomato Juice, Vodka, infusion with spices, pinch of salt, English Souce and Lemon Juice.

    Pisco Sour R$36
    Pisco Capel and Sour Mix.

    Aviator R$36
    Gin Yvy Terra, Lemon Juice, Luxardo and Violeta Syrup.

    Apple Martini R$32
    Vodka Yvy and Sour Mix and Green Apple Syrup.

    White Russian R$34
    Vodka Yvy , Kkahlúa and Milk.

    Hanky Panky R$36
    Gin Yvy Terra, Withe Fernet, Punt e Mes and Orange Zest.

    Martinez R$39
    Punt e Mes, Yvy Terra, Luxardo and Angustura.

    Bramble R$32
    Gin Yvy Terra, Lemon Juice, Syrup and Blackberry Syrup.

    Paper Plane R$40
    Jim Beam Bourbon, Aperol, Amaro Scarlatti and Lemon Juice.


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